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Sunday th 22nd

Change Log
24/11/2008 Site back online
  • Same look, new host
  • New database but restarted gathering scripts
22/11/2008 Site taken down
  • Woke today to find my hosting company deleted my account
  • Totally lost database because the backup was on same account
07/01/2008 Improved local whois system
  • Impimented a local whois to reduce on overhead
  • Created Godaddy link on whois and frontpage
  • Cleaned backup database for garbage domains
16/11/2007 Few changes to the backend but also added a quick whois link
  • Improved database which will reduce date errors
  • implimented WHOIS link
27/11/2007 Finally released a user friendly form for domain report selection
  • Max domain length
  • Exact domain size
  • Display only CO.UK domains
  • Remove numbers
  • Remove hyphens
  • List upto 255 domains
06/11/2007 Improved domain selection via 4 keys
  • Display google PR (might be incorrect as its not fully tested)
  • Remove ORG.UK
  • Remove all domains containing a number
  • Remove domains containing hyphen
15/08/2008 Moved host and reorg'ed database
  • After years on the old host we moved to dreamhost
  • Dreamhost offers available
    $50.00 discount 4 extra FREE lifetime domains
    Discount page
  • Reorg'ed and improved the general database layout

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